Tenfu Loose Tieh-Kwan-Yin (Tieguanyin) Oolong Tea

  • Tenfu Loose Tieh-Kwan-Yin (Tieguanyin) Oolong Tea
Highly prized for its distinctive quality and taste, "Tieh Kwan Yin" is finely and evenly rolled, its leaves a polished luster of shady green. The rich, smooth, and bracing aroma, the smooth and sweet flavor, and the sparkling after taste makes this tea so unique that it has gained wide acclaim for its qualities which may best be described as "vibrant, sweet, refreshing and fragrant." Also commonly known as "Tieguanyin". 
Brewing Instructions:Wait 60 second for the first brew, and allow an additional 5 to 10 seconds for the following brews according to personal preferences.
Caffeine Level:
20-40 mg
Net Weight:150g (5.29 oz)
Grade Rating (1-10):10 (Premium Grade)

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